A Blonde in Love

Lásky jedné plavovlásky, feature film, Čehoslovačka, 1965

DIRECTED BY: Miloš Forman

A Blonde in Love

Hana Brejchová (Andula),
Vladimír Pucholt (Milda),
Vladimír Mensik (Vacovsky),
Ivan Kheil (Manas),
Jirí Hrubý (Burda)

Miloš Forman,
Jaroslav Papousek,
Ivan Passer,
Václav Sasek

Miroslav Ondrícek

A small Czech town has a big problem because there is a serious lack of men: for every sixteen women there is only one man! The owner of a shoe factory asks the National army to transfer one of its divisions to this small town. An agreement is reached and the soldiers arrive in the town. The local women expect young, strong men but instead get old reserve soldiers who are mostly already married.

b/w, 88'