Port of Hearts

Labuan Hati, feature film, drama, Indonesia, 2017

DIRECTED BY: Lola Amaria

Port of Hearts

Kelly Tandiono (Bia),
Nadine Chandrawinata (Indi),
Ully Triani (Maria),
Ramon Y Tungka (Mahesa)

Titien Wattimena

Sony Seniawan


Three young women arrive to the island Komodo where they are learning to dive with the instructor Mahesa. Ever since she became a mother Bia has not been by the sea as well as dived. Indi is engaged and this will be her last time to dive before marriage. Maria, who works as a tourist guide, also likes to dive. Two years ago her boyfriend left her and she still blames herself. Soon, the women become friends but also there is growing sense of competitiveness in front of Mahesa.

color, digital, 96 min