The Shop on Main Street

Obchod na korze, feature film, Čehoslovačka, 1965

DIRECTED BY: Ján Kadár / Elmar Klos

The Shop on Main Street

Ida Kaminska (Rozalie Lautmann),
Jozef Króner (Antonin Brtko),
Hana Slivková (Evelyna Brtková),
Martin Hollý (Imro Kuchar),
Adám Matejka (Piti Báci)

Jan Kadar,
Elmar Klos,
Ladislav Grosman (based on his own book)

Vladimír Novotný

During WW II, when the Nazi government nationalized all Jews’ possessions, a lazy carpenter, Antonin Brtko, becomes the supervisor of a small store with sewing equipment. The owner of the store is an old, deaf Jewish woman, Rozalie, who lives in her own world and is completely unaware of the war and danger around her. She accepts Antonin thinking that he needs a job and over time they become friends. The film received an Oscar as Best Foreign Film in 1965.

b/w, 128 min