The Stolen Airship

Ukradená vzducholod, feature film, 1966

DIRECTED BY: Karel Zeman

The Stolen Airship

Hanus Bor (Tomás Dufek),
Jan Cizek (Martin),
Jan Malát (Pavel),
Michal Pospisil (Jakoubek Kurka),
Josef Stráník (Petr)

Radovan Krátky,
Karel Zeman (prema romanu Deux sns de vacances Julesa Vernea)

Josef Novotný,
Bohuslav Pikhart

This film with a unique visual style that combines feature film elements with animation, tells the story of five boys who steal a balloon at an exhibition in Prague. This is just the beginning of the boys’ big adventure. After landing on an island that has not yet been put on the map, they meet pirates and captain Nemo, and finally face some other natural forces.

b/w and color, 35 mm, 90 min