The Live Flesh

Carne trémula, feature film, drama, Spain, 1997

DIRECTED BY: Pedro Almodóvar

The Live Flesh

Javier Bardem (David),
Francesca Neri (Elena),
Liberto Rabal (Víctor Plaza),
Ángela Molina (Clara),
José Sancho (Sancho)

Pedro Almodóvar (based on novel Live Flesh by Ruth Rendell)

Affonso Beato

Alberto Iglesias

José Salcedo

One night in 1990 Madrid, three men break into the Italian ambassador’s house and steal weapons while the ambassador’s daughter, Elena, desperately waits on her drug dealer. The three men are Victor, who is an immature and problematic adolescent, and a pair of police officers, David and Sancho. During a violent fight, a gun goes off and shoots David in the spine. The police arrest Victor and he is sentenced to seven years in prison. David, who is a paraplegic now, becomes a famous wheelchair basketball star and marries Elena. After he comes out of prison, Victor meets the two police officers who sent him to prison and becomes obsessed by the idea of revenging himself upon them. In 1997, José Sancho won the Goya award for Best Supporting Male Actor for this film.

color, 103'