From 18.01. To 08.12.2022.

Kratki utorak

Kratki utorak

Short Tuesday is a program organized by Croatian Film Association that takes place once a month in Tuškanac and shows domestic and foreign short feature films.

Program for 2022 can be seen here.

Ticket is 25 kuna.

More information on: Short Tuesday - facebook

Several years ago, faced with a lack of a screening venue for short films, including all kinds and sorts (feature, documentary, experimental and animated films), as well as alternative production in general, Croatian Film started a special program devoted to short film production that takes place in the big auditorium of the Tuškanac cinema. In the beginning, the program referred exclusively to experimental film (thus the title Experimental Tuesday), but later the concept changed to encompass any form of short film production and the program was renamed Short Tuesday. The idea remains to focus on innovative, research, alternative and experimental films, which can only be seen sporadically in Zagreb as a part of some film festival, but they are often lost in the sea of more attractive titles.  Within the program we also present forgotten heritage and offer guest filmmakers, curators, managers of film archives or festivals of short films an opportunity to present their work during the introductory discussion and thus, at the time when films are mostly watched in private (at home from the internet or on DVD), we return not just watching but also discussions about films in the public space. In addition, Short Tuesday devotes great attention to the importance of formats in which films are shown i.e. we try to screen the films in formats in which their authors envisioned them. We believe that it is one of the key factors for a true experience of film as art.