From 09.03. To 16.03.2009.

Program of New Iranian Films

Program of New Iranian Films


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Directed by: Fereidoon Hassanpoor

Ali has always lived in an orphanage in Teheran. One day, he accidentally discovers information about who his parents were and decides to look for them. The boy travels to the north of Iran. Upon arrival to his destination, he learns that his parents divorced a long time ago and now have new families. Because they cannot take care of him, his parents advise him to go back to the orphanage where he will live in better conditions. However, Ali has other reasons to stay.

color, 90 min
Wednesday 11.03.2009 AT 21:00
Monday 09.03.2009 AT 19:00

Last Knot


Directed by: Hassan Lafafiyan
PHOTOGRAPHY: Farshad Mohammadi

An Iranian entrepreneur who lived and worked in Germany is found dead in a hotel in Teheran. The police seek the murderer. All leads point to a respectable industrialist from Teheran and his daughter who is about to marry her father’s business partner, a young designer whose carpets are exported to Germany…

color, 103 min
Wednesday 11.03.2009 AT 19:00
Monday 09.03.2009 AT 21:00

The Third Day

(Ruz-e-sevom, 2007)

Directed by: Mohammad Latifi
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ebrahim Ghafori

During the Iranian-Iraqi war in Southern Iran, in the province Khuzestan, a young handicapped woman is captured by the Iraqis. Her brother and his fellow fighters will stop at nothing to free her.

color, 90 min
Saturday 14.03.2009 AT 19:00
Tuesday 10.03.2009 AT 20:00

The Children of Eternity

(Bacheha-ye abadi, 2006.)

Directed by: Pouran Derakhshandeh
PHOTOGRAPHY: Hossein Jafarijan

Saeid and Negar are a young couple planning a wedding. Saeid has trouble getting the blessing of Negar’s father because of his duties towards his younger brother who suffers from Down’s syndrome. Specifically, at the time of his father’s death, Saeid promised to take care of his brother forever. Now it seems that this responsibility will cost him the marriage to his beloved Negar.

digital, color, 90 min
Friday 13.03.2009 AT 21:00
Thursday 12.03.2009 AT 19:00

The Wind Carpet

(Kaze no jűtan, 2003)

Directed by: Kamal Tabrizi

Ten-year-old Japanese girl Sakura travels to Iran with her dad in order to pick up a Persian carpet designed by the girl’s recently deceased mother. Even though they are warmly welcomed at their destination, they are somewhat dismayed to discover that the production of the carpet has not even begun yet, even though it is to be presented at the Japanese festival in a mere twenty days. Realizing how much it means to the young girl and her father, the eleven-year-old Ruzbeh does everything in his p...

color, 111 min
Friday 13.03.2009 AT 19:00
Thursday 12.03.2009 AT 21:00


(Shab, 2007)

Directed by: Rassol Sadr Ameli
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ebrahim Ghafoori

During a routine prisoner escort, policeman Mohsan gets stuck in a heavy snowstorm. Having missed the last train to Nehbandan he is forced to spend the night together with an older prisoner, doctor Khorami. A relationship full of distrust and tension is further enhanced by Mohsan’s fear that he will miss his wedding scheduled in three days and the doctor’s desire to free himself in order to fulfill his ill mother’s last wish…

color, 90 min
Monday 16.03.2009 AT 16:00
Saturday 14.03.2009 AT 21:00
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