From 14.03. To 22.03.2011.

Program of New Iranian Films II

Program of New Iranian Films II


Films in cycle

Loneliness Every Night

(Har shab tanhai, 2008.)

Directed by: Rassol Sadr Ameli
PHOTOGRAPHY: Faraz Heydari

Atieh (Leyla Hatami) voditeljica je radijske emisije u kojoj pomaže slušaocima s bračnim problemima. S druge strane, njoj bi samoj dobro došla pomoć u njenome osobnome životu. Sa suprugom Hamidom (Hamed Behdad) više se ne slaže te se njihovi razgovori gotovo redovito pretvaraju u gorke svađe. Kada sazna da joj je i zdravstveno stanje veoma loše, zajedno sa suprugom se zaputi na hodočašće u sveti grad Mashad, gdje se oboje nadaju naći odgovore.

color, 83 min
Tuesday 15.03.2011 AT 19:00
Monday 14.03.2011 AT 20:00

God will come

(Khoda mi ayad, 1996.)

Directed by: Majid Majidi

In a remote village in northern Iran, the mother of a family is seriously ill. All the villagers have lost hope and tell her children that only God can help now. Her daughter writes a letter to God and sends it by mail. After the villagers find out about the letter from the postman, they decide to organize themselves and help the family.

color, 44 min
Wednesday 16.03.2011 AT 19:00
Tuesday 15.03.2011 AT 21:00

The Cart

(Charkh, 1999.)

Directed by: Gholam Ramezani
PHOTOGRAPHY: Madjid Ferzana

Through a simple story, the film deals with the relationship between a father and a son and growing up. A rickshaw driver punishes his playful son by not allowing him to exit the cart. In spite of discomfort from the lack of space, the curious boy experiences the world around him in a unique way through a tiny hole in the cart.

color, 71 min
Wednesday 16.03.2011 AT 19:45
Tuesday 15.03.2011 AT 21:45


(Shab, 2007)

Directed by: Rassol Sadr Ameli
PHOTOGRAPHY: Ebrahim Ghafoori

During a routine prisoner escort, policeman Mohsan gets stuck in a heavy snowstorm. Having missed the last train to Nehbandan he is forced to spend the night together with an older prisoner, doctor Khorami. A relationship full of distrust and tension is further enhanced by Mohsan’s fear that he will miss his wedding scheduled in three days and the doctor’s desire to free himself in order to fulfill his ill mother’s last wish…

color, 90 min
Friday 18.03.2011 AT 19:00
Wednesday 16.03.2011 AT 21:00

A Span of Heaven

(Yek vajab aseman, 2008.)

Directed by: Ali Vazirian
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mohammad Aladpoush

Mohsen is a boy who earns money for his family by selling flowers in the street. One night while praying he sees an angel. Mohsen tells him his wishes and admits that he wants a piece of heaven for his family and friends so they could live more easily. According to God’s command, the angel gives the boy a piece of heaven. At first, nobody believes Mohsan, but when they realize that he is telling the truth, people’s evil nature starts rising to the surface.

color, 81 min
Saturday 19.03.2011 AT 19:00
Friday 18.03.2011 AT 21:00

God is close

(Khoda Nazdik Ast, 2007.)

Directed by: Ali Vazirian
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mohammad Taqi Pakssima

Even though people think that he is mentally retarded, Reza is in fact a kind and level-headed young man. Part of the road leading to his village has been destroyed during floods and Reza takes people across on his motorcycle. He meets a girl who came to the village to teach in the local school. Reza is completely taken with her and falls in love.

color, 73 min
Sunday 20.03.2011 AT 19:00
Saturday 19.03.2011 AT 21:00

Fiction and Fact


Directed by: Hojjat Quasemzadeh-Asl
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mohammad Naseri

Ahmadi is a driver who has an accident at the very moment when his superior calls him on the phone. It is a story about people who have no idea that their lives will tragically end in the next thirty minutes.

color, 96 min
Monday 21.03.2011 AT 19:00
Sunday 20.03.2011 AT 21:00



Directed by: Gholam Ramezani
PHOTOGRAPHY: Shahram Najarian

Several students try to catch a pheasant called Goldtail. One of them, Teimur, stops them from catching the animal due to private, economic reasons.

color, 85 min
Tuesday 22.03.2011 AT 17:00
Monday 21.03.2011 AT 21:00
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