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The Strange Case of Angelica

(O Estranho caso de Angélica, Portugal, 2010)

Directed by: Manoel de Oliveira
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sabine Lancelin

In the middle of the night a young photographer gets a phone call related to business: a rich family asks him to take the last photograph of their daughter Angelika who mysteriously passed away just a few days after her wedding. Stunned by the beauty of the girl, the young man is even more surprised when he looks at Angelica through the lens and sees that she seems alive. He falls in love and obsessively starts seeing her everywhere…

digital, b/w and color, 97 min
Thursday 05.11.2015 AT 21:00
Wednesday 04.11.2015 AT 19:00

The Consul of Bordeaux

(Aristides de Sousa Mendes, O Cônsul de Bordéus, Portugal, 2011)

Directed by: João Correa
PHOTOGRAPHY: José António Loureiro

This is a biopic about a real historical fugure, Aristides de Sousa Mendes, Portuguese consul to France who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century. During WW II he took extra efforts to issue many visas and passports to Jews and thus saved lives of many Jewish refugees.

digital, color, 90 min
Thursday 05.11.2015 AT 19:00
Wednesday 04.11.2015 AT 21:00


(Argentina, 2008)

Directed by: Pablo Trapero
PHOTOGRAPHY: Guillermo Nieto

Leonera is a drama about motherhood starring Martina Gusman as Julia, a young woman accused of murdering her lover who gives birth in prison awaiting the trial. She does not remember the events from the fatal night and apart from her, the only witness is her surviving victim Ramiro who might also be the father of her child. Julia cannot accept the fact that she might have to give the child for adoption. The film was shot in a real prison in Buenos Aires and some extras are real prisoners as wel...

digital, color, 113 min
Saturday 07.11.2015 AT 21:00
Friday 06.11.2015 AT 19:00

Heart of a Lion

(Corazón de león, Argentina, 2013)

Directed by: Marcos Carnevale
PHOTOGRAPHY: Horacio Maira

This is a romantic comedy dealing with social prejudices, pressures and standards of beauty. Divorced successful lawyer Ivana loses her cell phone. She is at work with her former husband and business partner Diego when she receives a phone call from the person who found her phone. León is a divorced well-known architect whose charm and gallant manners are apparent to Ivana already during their conversation on the phone. Since they both seem to be immediately attracted to each other, they set up...

digital, color, 94 min
Saturday 07.11.2015 AT 19:00
Friday 06.11.2015 AT 21:00

La Chupilca del Diablo


Directed by: Ignacio Rodríguez
PHOTOGRAPHY: Matías Illanes

Old Eladio is used to living alone. After a decade of solitary life and work in his own small factory of alcoholic drinks, he is not eager to change his habits. Now he is dying and has very little time left. Even though his factory is in dire need of modernization and he is in danger of losing much of its business, he does not want to change anything. A visit from his oldest grandson brings him hope that there is salvation for his factory and also enables him to reestablish his long-lost connect...

digital, color, 103 min
Monday 09.11.2015 AT 21:00
Sunday 08.11.2015 AT 19:00


(Raíz, 2014)

Directed by: Matías Valencia
PHOTOGRAPHY: Gabriela Larraín

Twenty-six-year old Amalia from Santiago moves to Puerto Varas because her grandmother passed away. Upon returning to her mother’s home, with whom she has a complicated relationship, she meets the nine-year-old Cristóbal. His mother left him and he needs a new guardian. Together they embark on a journey through south Chile in search of the boy’s father. Slowly, we learn the intimate stories of Amalia and Cristóbal…

digital, color, 87 min
Monday 09.11.2015 AT 19:00
Sunday 08.11.2015 AT 21:00

15 Years and One Day

(15 años y un día, 2013)

Directed by: Gracia Querejeta
PHOTOGRAPHY: Juan Carlos Gómez

After his father’s death, fourteen-year-old Jon goes through a period of typical teenage pranks and gets thrown out of school because of them. His mother Margo cannot deal with him and after he poisons a neighbor’s dog, she gets fed up and sends him to his grandfather in hope he could discipline him. Grandpa Max is a former soldier who enjoys his retirement in a village on the coast, and Jon cannot understand how he can live without a TV and air-conditioning. Soon, he finds a bad crowd to hang o...

digital, color, 96 min
Thursday 12.11.2015 AT 21:00
Wednesday 11.11.2015 AT 19:00



Directed by: Rodrigo Sorogoyen
PHOTOGRAPHY: Alejandro de Pablo

In a night club a young man starts a conversation with an unknown girl. He immediately tells her that he is in love with her and she refuses him. However, he does not give up. They leave the club together and take a night walk through the streets of Madrid. She wants to find out about his real motives for interest in her, but it becomes questionable how honest actually both of them are.

digital, color, 90 min
Thursday 12.11.2015 AT 19:00
Wednesday 11.11.2015 AT 21:00


(Brazil, 2008)

Directed by: Fernando Meirelles
PHOTOGRAPHY: César Charlone

When a mysterious case of blindness arises in a city, the government puts all the sick people in quarantine in an abandoned asylum. Soon chaos and anarchy run amok among the sick, who have no proper care or supervision. Criminals and those who are physically stronger suppress the weaker ones and seize all the food by blackmailing the others. The weaker ones include a doctor and his wife - who hides the fact that she can actually see.

digital, color, 121 min
Saturday 14.11.2015 AT 21:00
Friday 13.11.2015 AT 19:00

Bossa Nova

(Brazil, 2000)

Directed by: Bruno Barreto
PHOTOGRAPHY: Pascal Rabaud

This romantic comedy takes place in Rio de Janeiro. Mary Ann is a professor of English who gives private language lessons to a young soccer player who will soon go to England and play for an English soccer team. Her friend Nadine is having an online romance with Gary, an artist from New York. Nadine decides to visit him. There is also the freshly divorced lawyer Pedro...

digital, color, 95 min
Saturday 14.11.2015 AT 19:00
Friday 13.11.2015 AT 21:00
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