The Strange Case of Angelica

O Estranho caso de Angélica, feature film, Portugal, 2010

DIRECTED BY: Manoel de Oliveira

The Strange Case of Angelica

Pilar López de Ayala (Angélica),
Ricardo Trêpa (Isaac),
Isabel Ruth (Criada),
Leonor Silveira (Mãe),
Sara Carinhas (Freira)

Manoel de Oliveira

Sabine Lancelin

In the middle of the night a young photographer gets a phone call related to business: a rich family asks him to take the last photograph of their daughter Angelika who mysteriously passed away just a few days after her wedding. Stunned by the beauty of the girl, the young man is even more surprised when he looks at Angelica through the lens and sees that she seems alive. He falls in love and obsessively starts seeing her everywhere…

digital, b/w and color, 97 min