Closely Watched Trains

Ostre sledované vlaky, feature film, Čehoslovačka, 1966

DIRECTED BY: Jirí Menzel

Closely Watched Trains

Václav Neckár (Miloš Hrma),
Josef Somr (Hubička),
Vlastimil Brodský (Zedniček),
Vladimír Valenta (Max),
Alois Vachek (Novak)

Jirí Menzel,
Bohumil Hrabal (based on his own novel)

Jaromír Sofr


This is a comedy about a young employee of the Czechoslovakian railway in the time of WW II. Miloš Hrma starts to work at a railway station in a village and in due time he should advance to the position of a train dispatcher. His boss is more interested in pigeons than trains and the train dispatcher Hubičk in women. Miloš’s girlfriend Maša is a conductress and he has trouble relating to her so he needs some help when it comes to his love life.

The film won an Oscar as best foreign film in 1968.

b/w, 93 min