The Making of the Mahatma

feature film, 1996

DIRECTED BY: Shyam Benegal

The Making of the Mahatma

Rajit Kapoor (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi),
Pallavi Joshi (Kasturba Gandhi),
Paul Slabolepszy (JC Smuts),
Keith Stevenson,
Strini Pillai

Fatima Meer

Ashok Mehta

This is a story about Mahatma Gandhi’s early days. Gandhi is a young lawyer educated in England. He is currently working in Rajkot in Kathiawad. Suddenly he gets invited to South Africa by an Indian company to lead one of their lawsuits. Soon, Gandhi starts his long-lasting fight for justice and equality which eventually turned the original Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi into the widely famous and respected Mahatma Gandhi.

color, 145 min