Abeceda straha

feature film, ratni triler, Yugoslavia: Croatia, 1961

DIRECTED BY: Fadil Hadžić

Abeceda straha

Vesna Bojanić (Vera / Katica),
Josip Zappalorto (Molnar),
Nada Kasapić (Molnarova supruga),
Tatjana Beljakova (Elza),
Jasenka Kodrnja (Saša)

Fadil Hadžić,
Fedor Vidas

Tomislav Pinter

Bojan Adamič

Radojka Ivančević (Radojka Tanhofer)

A young girl, a member of Young Communists, comes into a family of an “Ustasha” chief to work as a maid. She pretends to be illiterate. Her task is to get her hands on important documents – a list of spies sent by the enemy to the freed territory. This task is very dangerous, and she has to be especially careful because of Elza, Ustasha’s older daughter and a fiancée of a German officer, who doesn’t trust her. Sasa, the younger daughter, is still a child and she tries to teach the maid to read and write…

b/w, 35 mm, 98'