He Who Sings Means No Harm

feature film, comedy, Croatia, 1970

DIRECTED BY: Krešo Golik

He Who Sings Means No Harm

Franjo Majetić (Franjo Šafranek),
Mirjana Bohanec (Ana Šafranek),
Relja Bašić (Fulir),
Mia Oremović (Mina),
Tomislav Žganec (Perica),
Vida Jerman (Marijana)

Krešo Golik (based on story Dnevnik malog Perice by Vjekoslav Majer)

Ivica Rajković

Živan Cvitković

Katja Majer

The story takes place in Zagreb at the beginning 1930s. Young and attractive Mrs. Ana Šafranek starts to feel unhappy in her marriage to an older husband, Franjo. During their trip to Samobor, the charming Mr Fulir conquers Ana’s heart and, soon after their return to Zagreb, he visits her at home. Ana’s sister Mina, an old spinster, also likes Mr. Fulir and Franjo gets the idea to marry Mina to Mr. Fulir. Ana and Franjo’s small son Perica witnesses all of these adventures.

color, 35 mm, 93