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Retrovizor 1960-69

Retrovizor 1960-69

All films have Croatian subtitles.
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Films in cycle

A man for all seasons

(UK, 1966)

Directed by: Fred Zinnemann

This is a historical drama from the 16th century focused on Sir Thomas Moore. King Henry VIII wants to divorce his wife Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn. Since he is a catholic he has to get the permission for divorce from the Pope himself. Moore is a catholic with strict moral standards and is opposed to the king’s request. However, the king is persistent and Moore is in danger due to his rigid moral principles. The film won 6 Oscars.

color, 120'
Wednesday 14.10.2020 AT 19:00

A Raisin In The Sun

(USA, 1961)

Directed by: Daniel Petrie
PHOTOGRAPHY: Charles Lawton Jr.

This is the film adaptation of the theatre play that premiered on Broadway in 1959, starring, both in theatre and on film, Sidney Poitier and Ruby Dee as Walter Lee and Ruth Younger. The couple lives in an apartment in Chicago with Walter’s mother Lena and sister Beneatha. As a poor black family, they experience many obstacles. Walter works as a driver and is unhappy with the fact that he cannot take better care of his family.

b/w, 128'
Wednesday 14.10.2020 AT 21:00

The Saragossa Manuscript

(Rekopis znaleziony w Saragossie, Poland, 1965)

Directed by: Wojciech Jerzy Has
PHOTOGRAPHY: Mieczyslaw Jahoda

At the time of Napoleon wars, a young cavalry officer finds an old book that he believes to be about his grandfather. The book deals with labyrinth adventures of the Belgian captain Alfonso van Worden, whose trip through the supernatural wilderness of Spain draws him into a fascinating fairytale about the ghosts of Maoris princesses, gypsies, cabalists, cursed rascals… The Saragossa Manuscript is Has’ most praised film.

b/w, 182'
Friday 30.10.2020 AT 19:00

Zorba the Greek

(Alexis Zorbas, USA, Great Britain, Greece, 1964)

Directed by: Mihalis Kakogiannis
PHOTOGRAPHY: Walter Lassally

An uptight Englishman Basil, writer who has not written a word in a long time, finds out that he inherited a small coal mine in Greece. Basil travels to Greece to open the mine and while waiting for the boat he meets the temperamental Alexis Zorba. Zorba, a man who truly enjoys life, promises to Basil to be his guide. While learning about Greece and the Greeks, Basil’s worldview changes and he begins to enjoy his life. In 1965, the film won three Oscars.

b/w, 141'
Friday 06.11.2020 AT 19:00

Marketa Lazarová

(Čehoslovačka, 1967)

Directed by: František Vláčil
PHOTOGRAPHY: Bedrich Batka

b/w, 162'
Wednesday 11.11.2020 AT 19:00

Point Blank

(USA, 1967)

Directed by: John Boorman
PHOTOGRAPHY: Philip H. Lathrop

Walker i njegov prijatelj Reese na otoku Alcatrazu, među napuštenim objektima donedavnog strogo čuvanog zatvora, opljačkaju kurira koji je prenosio kriminalom stečeni novac. Međutim, Reese odluči uzeti sav plijen te upuca Walkera i osim novca prisvoji i njegovu suprugu Lynne. No Walker ostane živ i odluči po svaku cijenu vratiti svoj dio plijena. Međutim Reese je kompletan novac potrošio na otplatu duga mafiji. Walker prvo uđe u trag Lynne u Los Angelesu, no ne može nikakvu bitnu i...

color, 92'
Wednesday 25.11.2020 AT 19:00

Ten Thousand Days

(Tízezer nap, Hungary, 1967)

Directed by: Ferenc Kósa

Mađarska provincija tijekom druge polovine 60-ih godina prošlog stoljeća. Seljak István Széles u društvu svog sina, koji se nedavno iz grada vratio na obiteljsko imanje, pripovijeda o svojoj i prošlosti svog mjesta u protekla tri desetljeća. Nakon što je 30-ih godina radio kao najamni radnik na imanju bogatog zemljoposjednika, István se i nakon Drugog svjetskog rata suočio s brojnim nedaćama. Godine 1945. u raspodjeli zemljišnih posjeda i o...

b/w, 110'
Thursday 26.11.2020 AT 19:00

Pierrot Goes Wild

(Pierrot le fou, France, Italy, 1965)

Directed by: Jean-Luc Godard
PHOTOGRAPHY: Raoul Coutard

Pierrot runs away from a boring life and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean. A young woman, Marianne, chased by gangsters, joins Pierrot on his travels. This film is a variation on Godard’s favorite theme of the individual lost in the modern world.

color, 110'
Friday 27.11.2020 AT 19:00

Cool Hand Luke

(USA, 1967)

Directed by: Stuart Rosenberg

Luke arrives to a local prison on Florida to serve a two-year sentence for a petty offense He is brave and uncompromising and does not acknowledge imposed authority so he soon gets into trouble. Soon he has to take part in a boxing match with the leader of the prisoners Dragline. Even though he is clearly weaker, Luke refuses to give up and thus gains Dragline and other prisoners’ trust. While Luke’s popularity among prisoners is on the rise, his problems with the strict prison&rsquo...

color, 126'
Sunday 27.12.2020 AT 19:00

In Cold Blood

(USA, 1967)

Directed by: Richard Brooks

Dvojica bivših zatočenika na uvjetnoj slobodi, mladići Perry Smith i Richard Hickock zvani Dick, susreću se na Dickovu inicijativu u Kansasu ujesen 1959. Dick je od zatvorenika s kojim je dijelio ćeliju čuo da Herbert Clutter, glava imućne farmerske obitelji, čuva u svom sefu pozamašnu svotu novca, te predloži Perryju da ga zajedno opljačkaju. Perry prihvati prijedlog i dvojac uskoro krene prema farmi na osami, zastavši u usputnom dućanu kako bi kupili uže za vezanje i samol...

b/w, 134'
Thursday 04.02.2021 AT 19:00
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