Rocco and His Brothers

Rocco e i suoi fratelli, feature film, crime-drama, Italy, France, 1960

DIRECTED BY: Luchino Visconti

Rocco and His Brothers

Alain Delon (Rocco Parondi),
Renato Salvatori (Simone Parondi),
Annie Girardot (Nadia),
Katina Paxinou (Rosaria Parondi),
Alessandra Panaro (Cirova zaručnica),
Max Cartier (Ciro Parondi),
Rocco Vidolazzi (Luca Parondi)

Suso Cecchi D'Amico,
Pasquale Festa Campanile,
Massimo Franciosa,
Enrico Medioli,
Luchino Visconti

Giuseppe Rotunno

Nino Rota

Mario Serandrei

his story is about a poor family from a village in south Italy whose search for a better life leads them to Milan. The proud Rosaria Parondi, after her husband’s death, arrives at the big city with her four sons - Rocco, Simon, Luca and Ciro. The oldest brother Vincenzo awaits them in Milan. The film depicts their acclimatization to the big city, their personal dramas, and the different paths their lives take… This film was very popular among the working class while the critics were divided. It won many awards, such as the special award at the Venice film festival and awards from the Italian Film Critics Association (Sindacato nazionale giornalisti cinematografici italiani) for the best director, screenplay and cinematography.

b/w, 177'